Women do not have too many rights, Abby Johnson in Seattle

Posted on May 6, 2012


By Ashley Michie

On Thursday May 3, 2012, Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director spoke at University of Washington. I was excited to hear her speak because I have heard her speak before and I have read her book, Unplanned. Here’s our post about another Abby Johnson speech.

Unfortunately due to unruly protestors, when Abby spoke in Seattle she did not get a chance to speak for very long.

Even though Johnson worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years, protestors shouted out that she did not know what she was talking about. I wonder why they would believe they had more authority on the topic than somebody who had worked there for eight years.

Many argue that Planned Parenthood is a good place because they do not just provide abortions but according to Johnson, Planned Parenthood is going to require all facilities to perform abortions by the year 2013.

While working at Planned Parenthood, she was told that the baby did not have sensory developement until 24 weeks and that the baby does not feel pain until 28 weeks. According to Johnson, the thalamus which delivers pain stimuli is acting at eight weeks.

As a POC (product of conception) technician Johnson said that she knew what an abortion looked like.

“I knew what the death of a child looked like,” Johnson said. “I knew that because I had pieced the babies back together.”

One day while Johnson was working at Planned Parenthood she was asked to assist with an ultrasound guided abortion. Johnson said that she saw the baby reacting to the instrument used by the abortionist. After witnessing this abortion, Johnson decided to that she could no longer work at Planned Parenthood and became pro-life.

At Planned Parenthood, ultrasounds are not usually used during an abortion but are required before every abortion to find out the age of the baby.

Witnessing the act of abortion was not the worst part Johnson said. Realizing that this happens almost 4,000 times a day and that she was responsible for thousands of lives was worse.

Even though the protestors took up a majority of Johnson’s time, Johnson took time to encourage the pro-lifers who had attended the event. She said that even though pro-lifers might be in the minority in Washington, nationwide the majority of Americans are pro-life. Johnson reminded pro-life attendees that there are many who are willing to stand up for the real rights of women.

Protestors responded to this saying that women should be able to choose.

” I support choice as long as it doesn’t end a life,” Johnson responded.

“Do Women Have Too Many Rights?”

This is the question that was featured on the posters UW students hung on campus.

“I don’t believe that women have too many rights,” Johnson said. “I believe that women don’t have enough rights.”

Johnson emphasized that women need to be educated abo0ut abortion. This event, Johnson said, is for people who want to be informed about this issue because people should be educated on what they believe.

View KOMO 4’s coverage of the event.

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